About Us

Our Vision


At Brighter Futures Psychology we strive to enhance the lives of children we meet by teaching them and their parents useful strategies to help better manage difficult emotions and situations and create brighter futures​. At Brighter Futures Psychology it is our vision to work together with families to assist each child to reach their full potential.

Why Choose Us?


We are a team of Clinical Psychologists, Educational and Developmental Psychologists and Psychologists who are passionate about our work with children and adolescents and have considerable years of experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a number of common psychological conditions.  The team at Brighter Futures Psychology work with families to optimise their coping, build their resilience, and draw upon their strengths to enhance their overall wellbeing. 

Assessment & Treatment Services


We offer a range of assessment and treatment services to help children, teens, young adults, adults and their families to be the best they can be.  We offer rebates through private health funds, Medicare and Helping Children with Autism items and also service families with NDIS packages who are self-managed.