We are so proud of the team at Brighter Futures Psychology.  Each team member has been carefully selected to ensure that they embody the vision, culture and values of Brighter Futures Psychology.  We have recently expanded and moved to a new premises and have room for additional clinicians to join our team.  If you love working with children and young people and are looking to develop your career within a modern group private practice with a lovely team environment then this opportunity may be for you.  If our vision, culture statements and values resonate with you then please contact Louise Ford at louise@brighterfuturespsychology.com.au for further information.   


At Brighter Futures Psychology we strive to enhance the lives of children and adolescents we meet by teaching them and their parents useful strategies to help better manage difficult emotions and situations and create brighter futures. At Brighter Futures Psychology it is our vision to work together with families to assist each individual to reach his or her full potential. 


Valued team members of Brighter Futures Psychology strive to uphold the following values and culture statements:

Team Player: At Brighter Futures Psychology we value wholeheartedly being part of an amazing team of people.  Whilst being independent and self-reliant are important qualities to possess as psychologists, providing support, encouragement and help to one another is invaluable and very much a part of what we do.  We value our regular team meetings as both an opportunity to learn, support one another and connect in a less formal environment. 

Passion, Energy & Enthusiasm: We desire to practice in an environment where passion and enthusiasm shine through, where our work is more than a “job”, where we are energised and motivated to make a difference in the lives of the people we are helping everyday.  We value lifting each other up, inspiring and motivating each other to be the best we can be in our work and in our lives outside of our work. 

Fun & Creativity: We allow creativity to show in both our work with clients and when faced with any challenges.  We endeavour to have fun whilst helping our clients.   We aim to foster a fun working environment that provides light relief for what can at times be quite challenging work.  

Professionalism & Integrity: We value professionalism and practice with integrity with our clients, referrers, other team members and the wider community.  We strive to present ourselves professionally in the way we dress as well as in our written and verbal communication to our clients, referrers and other professionals.  

Warmth & Friendliness:  We demonstrate genuine warmth and friendliness towards one another, towards our clients, towards our referrers and the wider community.  We are the first to offer a smile, listen to a story, and help the people that we meet to feel comfortable and at ease in our presence.  We strive towards having people feeling better having being in the room with us compared to when they walk in.     

Compassion & Care:  We are compassionate to others, their story, and their journey through life.  We show an attitude of kindness, compassion and caring for each other and for ourselves.  We also value self-care by taking the time to nurture and care for ourselves.